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The mission of the Mogollon Health Alliance:

Is to promote rural health care and health education opportunities for members of the community through programs, activities, grant and scholarships.

We achieve our mission by:

-   Ascertaining the health education needs of the Rim communities;
-  Increasing community members' awareness of potential health problems through health fairs and forums;
- Educating community members about preventative health measures;
-    Providing the means for community members to obtain education in health related careers through our scholarship program;
Establishing programs that address the health education needs of the community.

Our Accomplishments:

-    Brought a dialysis center back to Payson,
-    MHAX III Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Program,
-   Yearly Scholarships for health related education,
-  Grants to local fire departments for emergency response personnel education and training,
-  Plasma vision screen for Arizona telemedicine Program at Payson Regional Medical Center in conjunction with the Tonto Apache Indian Tribe,
-  Co-Presenter/Sponsor of Women's Wellness Forums,
-     Co-Presenter/Sponsor of the Community Health Fair Funding for Youth Survival Education Program for Tonto Rim Search and rescue Squad,
-     Community health education classes including CPR and First Aid Funding for Parenting Classes,
-   Funding for Cadaver Lab to educate emergency response personnel, Vial of Life Program,
-  Rim communities needs assessment,
- Gracie Lee Haught Children's Memorial Fund:
Medical assistance grants,
Bicycle safety programs in area schools,
Infant car seats,
Classroom space for the nursing program in the Gracie Lee Haught Education Resource Center